Just last month I was in full mode of setting the vision for the new year which is a little bit exciting and at the same time a little bit overwhelming right? I mean, that’s when you remember the things that have been on your list to do for many years in a row and you’re like “should I even put this on here?”

But more than specific goals, I was looking for the heart. The glue that would hold all my goals together and would motivate me time and again to continue to work for them.

In a twist of events, I had to quarantine through the entire week leading to Christmas plus my kids were vacationing in Colombia so I ended up in a position where I had unexpected abundant amount of time to think.

…and thinking, I did.

So I found my glue. This year I want to focus on building relationships. I want to enrich the ones I already have and I believe the right people will be added to little parts of my life.

The most important relationships I want to build are 3: with my Heavenly Father, with Mikayla (my daughter) and with Milan (my son). I am confident that everything will stem out of those 3 people.

God didn’t take long in getting me to practice what I preach.


New years eve, while wishing all my peoples a happy new year via messages on IG, I had a quick convo with an old friend of mine from my childhood. In the middle of our 2am messages we made the most unexpected plans for just a couple of hours later.

New years day morning coffee! haha (So very in line with my personality!)

On the first of the year at 9am, I went and picked up my favorite cup of Cuban coffee and my friend came over my house. We sat in my front porch for what quickly turned into almost 4 hours worth of a conversation.

In it we reminisced and talked about sweet memories of our two decades of friendship… but we also talked about real life.

For a while I just listened to her pour her heart out about an unfortunate circumstance in her family that seems almost impossible to overcome. In my mind, I took a posture of just listening. I wasn’t there to solve her problem. I was there to listen to her heart.

Whenever I could I spoke hope. Our Heavenly Father is not unaware of our very specific needs. I have decided to join her in prayer until we can celebrate a miracle in her situation… and celebrate we will!

I want to speak to you today if there is a circumstance this year that revolves around your family. First, I want you to know that I have one of my own. No family is perfect. Families are made of imperfect people and more often than not, it is those closest to us that can create the greatest wounds.

I recently started a devotional that is going to take me through the Bible in one year. As expected, I started in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. One thing that I have laughed a lot with God in the solitude of my secret place is how savagely messed up the families were of the characters in the Bible.

Seriously though, did you know that Abraham and Sara use to go from one community to the next and Abraham would introduce Sara as his SISTER???? Supposedly it was because Sara was very beautiful so the rulers of that community would have tried to kill Abraham to claim her as their wife.

I mean, yea, I get it… but this meant that in every one of these communities, the rulers would sleep with Sara!! And homeboy Abraham knew this! Ya’ll that’s another level of messed up in the head.

Yet, Abraham is still, according to God, the father of the faith. He still had Isaac, a great nation was still born of him. God loved Abraham and was faithful to what he promised him despite the many character fails Abraham had.

Won’t He do it with your family as well? I hope to one day tell my family-testimony. I hope you can share yours with me as well! Until then, let’s remain faithful and hopeful that we will see a miracle in our families.


Now lets get to something nice and juicy for all my single folk!

Ever since I started the podcast I’ve had friends volunteer topics and ask me what I’ll be sharing next. Which, don’t worry… no pressure! haha (yea, right)

My prayer has been that God inspires my heart each day (or at least each week lol) so that I have something fresh and relevant that will be encouraging for you.

Obviously, we live in south Florida… Miami is my backyard and if there’s one relevant topic being thrown my way is that of, dare I say: “dating”. To which I’ve been like… yea, I’m not an expert in that field at all. I’ve low-key felt rather inadequate to say the least.

Nevertheless, I know I’ve picked up a lesson or two in dating here and there that has helped me gain a “healthier” perspective on dating than how I kicked off the single life a couple of years back.

I think that each of us single folk have had a moment in the car where you’re blasting music and while in your feelings you think… “Will God do it for me?”

There’s the handful of friends already in healthy marriages and leading solid families… there’s the friends that just started dating a guy/girl and seem like they’re the perfect fit… some may even look at their parents whom have decades together under their belt and it’s like… are we running out of love stories here? Cuz mine is missing!

I hear ya!

When I was just entering the dating world I was intrigued to create a profile in a dating app. Don’t laugh at me, okay? One day I was laying in bed just scrolling through facebook when I noticed the little heart icon. When I clicked on it I realized that facebook had created a dating platform right within the app.

Ya’ll think I did it? Ummm… ya! Of course I did.

In retrospect, I did it out of an impulse. I felt like God wasn’t really making a solid move so if I gave Him a lead, then maybe He’d remember that I was still over here in Miramar waiting my turn. haha!

I uploaded my pics and selected some questions and was actually pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing.

If you really want the gossip, I went on three dates out of that platform.

The professional golf instructor was really nice, we had dinner once. I hope wherever life took him, he found what he was looking for! The pilot took me on a low-key really sweet date… we watched the planes take off and land at a private Fort Lauderdale airport. He was nice. Also, just one date.

There was a third that I considered the one I should have swiped left on. He was misleading and the type of guy that gives you enough to keep you around but had absolutely no intentions of taking it anywhere. Honestly, just a waste of time… time, our most valuable asset.

I deleted that profile and swore never to open it again. I think the part I least enjoyed from the dating app realm was the obvious intention of there being some sort of romantic connection. Even though some profiles say “looking for friendship”… in Miami, that translates into “looking for someone to netflix and chill with”.

I honestly feel like meeting through a dating app robs you of the friendship stage of a relationship. You base your choices on the way a person looks and you know absolutely nothing about their character. It may work for some but… I decided it didn’t work for me.

About two years later I found myself again, alone in my room watching my next netflix series and you know what thought flowed through my mind? Yeap, “why don’t you try a different dating app?”

Hahaha… like the platform had anything to do with the technique. Here’s my flesh again stepping up to the challenge. I created a free profile on Hinge. Hahaha… ya’ll don’t judge me. I was on that app for a total o TWO very long days. It took me denying about 100 requests before I realized, whoever God has for me is not on here looking at other girl profiles.

So the question remains… will He do it? Will God give us a love story?

In a while I quit that thought. I decided in my heart that God was not going to do it for me… and I stopped looking. God spoke to my heart and said one word. He said: wait.

He said, I don’t need your help. I don’t need your hints. I don’t need your interference in what I have already ordained for your life. WAIT.

This word may not be for everyone but I know it’s for many of us. I found such freedom in just waiting. Knowing I had to wait took my anxiety away. In the middle of the solitude, when my kids aren’t around, I don’t feel alone. I feel content.

God is faithful. If He did it for Sara in the Bible, if He did it for your friend and your sister, if He did it for your parents and your pastors… why would He do it for you?

He will. Just… wait.


I’m going to close this blog with the most exciting subject. That which sets our soul on fire!

For me, it’s writing, for you it may be another form of art or profession. It doesn’t matter what it is… I want to speak hope into your heart. 2022 is the year of your gift.

In case you didn’t know, I am part of a church in Miami called Vous. Within Vous I am part of the Production Team. We basically coordinate the execution of every event our church hosts.

Back in March 2020 I was asked to train to learn how to produce the service. The producer is the main coordinator of the program. I was actually very excited to learn this position because of my personality.

On the Sunday that I was suppose to train, the unimaginable happened. The world shut down. In-person church experiences were cancelled and we all went online. I was bummed.

Nevertheless, I took on every new task that was thrown our way. After coordinating virtual experiences, we finally went back to in person services. We opened a location in another city, then moved to another, then moved to another… until finally almost 2 years later we were back at our original venue: Jose de Diego Middle School.

JDD was my home since my very first time at Vous so it was special to be back where God started my whole Vous story.

In an exciting twist of events, this past Sunday ended up being the last day at JDD as we transition back into our main venue in the heart of Little Haiti. But God, my God is in the details.

Last week my girl Angie sent me a message and asked me if I wanted to train to produce service. I immediately said yes!

On my way to church the Holy Spirit reminded me that it was in JDD almost 2 years ago that I was suppose to train to produce and I was finally doing it on the last opportunity I would ever have in my home venue… our last Sunday at JDD.

Listen, producing is a small desire of my heart… in no way does it shape who I am but one thing is true: if God said He’s going to do something… He is going to do it.

In this little detail God told me…

“If I did it in production… won’t I do it with your family?”

“If I did it in production… won’t I do it with your future husband?”

“If I did it in production… won’t I do it in what you are destined to create?”

My sweet, sweet friend. Our God is a man of His word. Let’s stop doubting His sovereignty. This year… let’s remove the doubt and start acting on our passion. This is the year of your gift.

I appreciate you and I want you to know that in every small detail you have faith and improve in within you, you are without a doubt creating a life that you love!