Waiting Wisely

Updated: Jan 18

Today was very special.

Reliving An Old Blog

Maybe you’ve heard it from me before but a couple of years ago I had to take some time to renew my mind of everything I thought I knew about my faith. If you go to my IGTV and look for the post called “My Jesus Story” you can hear a little more of that story.

In the meantime, let me just say I am a believer that our relationship with God is unique to each. Having someone tell you how to have your relationship with God is like someone telling you how to relate to your significant other. First, it’s non’ they biz and second… well, there’s only one you and one of them and it’s a unique bond that nobody else lives.

Nevertheless, the people you surround yourself with play an enormous part in how healthy your relationship is. You know… “bad company corrupts good character”.

In that very same way, the people we surround ourselves with can influence the way we see God.

For a very long time, I saw God as a judge. All he did was separate right from wrong and punish wrong. It’s interesting even as I write this because… well, I think I still battle with those thoughts from time to time. Are you anything like me? Because, wow, I can be extremely hard on myself.

I knew, in that time of my life, that I needed to be in a place where I could see God as a loving Father, not just a judge. That is how I ended up at Vous. =) You probably see me posting about my church on Sundays and honestly, it’s a place I like to brag about.

I think I’ve never shared this publicly but in this church, I found healing.

I found that my Bible is more of a love letter from God to me than it is a book of rules. Rules are important, rules keep us safe… but, rules without love… well, they hurt.

Anyway all of that preface to share why today was special. hehe

PRE-closing-of-the-world, my church had two campuses. One of them at a fairly large high school auditorium and the second at a smaller middle school. You guessed it, my friends and I attended the middle school. We call it JDD, short for Jose de Diego.

When you have many memories of special times with people and God, in one place, that place becomes dear to your heart.

About 6 months post-closing-of-the-world, I wrote a blog. I named it “What If We Would Have Known?” I remember writing that blog and being nostalgic about having church in person. Here’s a little piece straight from that blog:

We didn’t know it was going to be our last time. I’m sure if we knew… we would have done it differently. Not that we didn’t give it our everything. After all, “excellence is our spirit” is one of our Vous Values. But we would have gone back for one more hug. We would have said one more I love you. We would have worshiped together with more passion, sang a little bit louder, listened a little bit closer.

I remember feeling like we would never gather for church again. It was such a scary and uncertain time. Being afraid to leave my house. Being afraid of being around people.

Even though I spent quiet time at home, it wasn’t the same as worshiping God along side other people that boost your faith. Something that was normal, maybe even a thing we took for granted, like driving to church, had now become this dream… this hope that somehow, by some miracle, we could gather for church again.

Things we take for granted…

My sweet friend, how many things do we take for granted?

I’ll throw some things out there just to feed our thoughts: quality time with family, our job, a cup of coffee, our today, our transportation, a close friend… how about time?

Ugh, time.

I consider myself to be at a fight with time right now. I have learned very recently that waiting is hands down one of the hardest things one can ever learn to do. Waiting is hard. I consider waiting to be a technique we must learn to do.

If time shouldn’t be taken for granted but waiting is required then I must learn how to wait correctly.

Waiting doesn’t mean we don’t do anything. During my waiting I’ve read books and wrote blogs and planted gardens. This type of waiting, even though just as difficult, is much more gratifying.

If you are in a season of waiting, I can’t encourage you enough to create. What should you create? Anything! Create art, create a clay pot, create a drawing, create a poem, create a song. Create a habit, create a business plan, create a script… create yourself. Create a life you love!

I’ve taken time for granted. Thinking I could spend it in whichever way I chose. But time wasted has no fruit.

If I would have never planted my garden, there is no way I could anticipate broccoli in January. Watch this… while I wait for broccoli and cauliflower in a couple of months… you know what I’m doing? I’m waiting wisely… I’m watering my plants, fertilizing them, cutting off the leaves that wither.

There certainly is a way to wait wrong and a way to wait right.

Today Was Special

Have you ever met anyone dance around a point more? haha

Today was special because after 20 months of waiting, of jumping around from virtual to one location and then a next… today, we went back to Jose de Diego Middle School.

Oh, my heart.

In that blog I wrote last year I said I would cry the day we went back to JDD. The truth is I didn’t. At 6:30am with a cup of coffee and a huge list to check off before service, there was no time to cry.

But I’m crying now! lol

We have transitioned into normal life but the truth is, there was a day that I honestly believed we would never be able to gather again. If that one-year-ago-me could talk to today-me, she’d be so relieved that it all turned out well. She’d be relieved that we “made it back home” and that the best is yet to come…

Guys, there are so many things that I doubt today. I’m sure you have your list too. The list of things that would be nice if they happened but “God, will you really do this?”

Today, I feel like I have renewed hope. I hope that there is a one-year-in-the-future me that will one day look back and think… “it really wasn’t as hopeless as you felt it was”.

Friend, let’s wait wisely… Sunday is coming!

In the meantime, don’t forget to… CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE… a life by YOU!