Turning an Idea into Reality

Updated: Jan 18

It was time for a fresh manicure!

My manicurist, a total boss babe, was transitioning my hands into some very warm soapy water to start working on my cuticles as a message appeared on my screen. “You okay?” – It read.

“I am absolutely and totally fine right now!” I thought to myself with a giggle.

“Lol, yes! Why?” I asked.

“I haven’t seen you post in a couple of days. Just making sure.”, they replied. 

It’s CoVid times so I much appreciate friends checking in! The truth is though; I decided to get off social media for a couple of days because I needed to regroup.  My last blog on Co-Parenting and The Importance of a Father is at the moment one of the most impacting pieces I’ve written and it took a toll on me emotionally. 

The amount of single moms and dads reaching out to me in gratefulness was overwhelming. I am truly honored to be a voice that can speak into lives on a subject that I am convinced is dear to God’s heart.

Spoiler Alert!

So as I hung out at home with the kids and not in all of your IG stories (yes yours!), I started working on a clothing line. Does that sound the least bit far-fetched to you? Because it does to me! Never in my life have I dreamed of having my own clothing line. Yet, here I am searching out suppliers and requesting quotes.

For many years I worked for my local church organizing campaigns, retreats and events of that nature. So it’s not the process of creating that’s new to me… it’s the fact that the project is mine. I had the idea, I chose the garments, I hired the company and I approved the artwork.

Here’s the biggest question for you: When was the last time that you lead a project that was YOURS?

If not recently, then let me tell you honey bunches: it’s time!

Take Advantage of This Season!

Honestly, I put myself back in quarantine. I rarely watch the news. The majority of the info I get is from an email the city of Miramar sends out twice a week about CoVid updates plus whatever the people I follow post on their feeds. With that much information I found it only right to stop going out unless necessary… at least for the next couple of weeks. Hope you’re doing the same!

So here’s an idea, the time that you would of spent hanging out with friends, shopping, and going out to eat… why not invest it on something you’ve always wanted to start and never have? I know you have an idea. I know there’s something that you much rather be doing than going five days a week to a 9-5. I’m right, aren’t I?

I want to share a couple of things I do whenever I have an idea that I know I need to turn into reality. I don’t necessarily do it in this specific order every time but I assure you, if you follow through them all… you will thank me on the other side!

Identify Your Message

Here’s my revelation: your message is defined by your story. Whatever it is that you have lived and overcome, it is now a message that somebody else needs this very moment in their lives. Whether it is to start an online vegan cupcake delivery shop because you love sweets but are passionate about health or a non-profit to benefit kids that have lived abuse or neglect like you have in your childhood, put it down on paper and make it clear to yourself first.

I came up with the purpose of my blog by actually sitting down and writing my very first blog, Girlfriends. Once I finished that blog encouraging you to “create a life you love… I life by you!” it took off from there.  I knew exactly what my focus was going to be and it has helped me write every blog since then.  If my idea can help someone create a life they love then it’s the right topic for my blog. Once I had the clarity of my message, there simply was no stopping me!

Set a Firm Foundation

Ya’ll I am in no rush with my blog. I don’t write based on speed. I write based on purpose. My blog is just over a month old but I did just shamelessly miss a week to regroup my ideas because I don’t want to write just anything. I’m setting the foundations of my blog today so that a year from now I am still growing strong and blessing others.

What I’m saying is, get started but do your research. Put in the time. Write out your goals, your purpose, and your mission. Don’t just focus on what you want to do… decide why you want to do it and what are the firm foundations of your idea that will help you push through future difficult seasons.

Get Help from Experts

Do you remember the IG Live I did when I first launched my blog? (If you don’t, you can catch the replay on my IGTV) One of the main things I did was shout out all my friends that came together to support me on my project. The majority sharing their talents with me for free!

But here’s the key, don’t take your dream or idea to just anyone. Take it to the experts. When I decided on the name for my blog I knew exactly who I needed to ask to create my logo. Miguel is top in his field. He designs for huge companies like Heelys and Champion. He’s an expert. I knew he wasn’t going to come out and be like “Well, I don’t know if you should start this…” The complete opposite! He was like, “Don’t worry, I got you!”

When I decided I wanted to start a clothing line, I hit up an old friend that already has his online store set up and selling to the public. I actually had already bought a couple of items from the store myself. He knew what he was doing and he pointed me exactly in the direction that I needed to go.

Get help from people with vision… don’t ask your friend has no recent achievements and is currently between episode 13 and 14 of season 53 of XYZ. Ha!

(I’m hating ya’ll, I’m all caught up on all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m just saying though… go to people with balance. Wink, wink.)


Let me go back to my friend that texted me while I was at the salon. After I explained that I was just taking some time off socials, I proceeded to share with them my newest project. Here’s how that convo ended:

“So! I’m starting a clothing line with my slogan: “Create a life you love!”

“Niiiiiiiice! You are going AFTER it. I love it man!!!”

(Here’s the punch line)

“Where did all this drive come from?”

“LOL, I don’t know! It’s God putting them crazy ideas in my mind… making me think I can actually pull it off!” (laughing emoji)

“Hahaha funny thing is… you can. And what you can’t do, He’ll bring the right people to you to help you.”

My constant prayer has been a request for God’s guidance. I simply cannot do it without Him. No idea is good enough, no slogan is catchy enough, and no blog is interesting enough if it weren’t for Him pouring His love and grace into my heart. I love Him, ya’ll!

I encourage you to lift your hands in prayer and ask God for His divine guidance. It’s so simple. Just say, “God, I’ve got this idea in my heart… I think you put it there. Help me carry it out.”

That’s it for today but remember each day to create a life you love… a life by YOU!