Traveling During a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 18

We walked 2.3 miles from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building… and I wouldn’t hae had it any other way!

About a month and a half ago a desire in my heart began to travel. I think it was a combination of the extended length of time that the world had been in quarantine mixed with my newly acquired initiative to do things I’ve never done before.

One thing I had never done was go online and buy a ticket to go anywhere just because I wanted to. So THAT is what I did.

After chatting with my friend Laura and getting some traveling advice, I decided to visit my friend Andrea in Maryland, whom I hadn’t seen in years! (btw, you can watch the replay of my conversation with Laura on my IGTV and get in on practical traveling tips)

Once I hit the purchase ticket button, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled my heart. How many times do we put things off for “someday” until weeks become years and a wish never comes true?

Far too many times.

Nevertheless, I had a little fear of travel because of the pandemic that is still very real in our world today. I’ve had a couple of friends message me privately asking about c-vid restrictions when it comes to travel. So I am going to share a couple of the precautions that we took on this trip…

Before I do that I want to say this: there is absolutely no way of knowing where this virus is. I’ve seen countless amount of people travel and not get anything along with another bunch that take extreme precautions and then mysteriously get it from a trip to the store.

I have decided that I am going to be as careful as I can and still move forward in life. It is very important for me to stay safe and healthy for my family and friends but I cannot let fear dictate what I can or cannot do in life. Believe me when I say that I do everything I can to not be negligent… I just refuse to stop moving forward.


Here are my tips:

Choose a location where you can be outside as much as possible.

This was my very first time visiting Washington DC and it was absolutely gorgeous! The architecture is breathtaking and each sight is rich in history. Especially for a girl who hasn’t traveled north in a good 15 years… the deep orange and bright yellow in the trees stole my heart. I was in love!

So we spent about 75% of the trip outdoors. We walked the entire time in DC. Even as we walked in the open and very socially distanced from others, we still kept our masks on. We took them off to drink, eat or rest our face from the coverings but only when we were nowhere near other people.

Honestly, in the cold weather of Maryland and DC, the masks actually helped keep us just that much more covered and warm.

When dinning out, we asked to be seated outside.

During the trip we really only dinned out twice for dinner. That’s the fun part of visiting friends. You aren’t staying at a cold hotel but in the warmth and comfort of a friend’s home. Not only that, our friend Andreita has a God-given gift of hosting! This girl had socks, gourmet chocolates and lip balm waiting for us on top of our beds in the guest room. Who does that?

I’m telling you, it was a 5-star experience!

Anyway, it was breezy during our trip and so eating outside gave us peace of mind that any virus in the air would have a higher chance to disperse and miss us. Another thing I noticed we did unconsciously was to not take our mask off until we were done giving our server our order. After that, we just went all in with the meal!

We stocked up on all the disinfecting goodies.

Since I work at a school, I am very use to sanitizing dozens of times throughout the day. So not only did we wash our hands in the obvious moments (like right before eating), but I also kept hand sanitizer handy so that every time I had to open a pull-door I was ready to get a quick pump of gel. We also had cleaning wipes to wipe down our phones or seats (like in the airplane) when necessary.


Yes! But only once… on the plane. =/ You know that moment when the plane lands and everyone is eager to get off of it at the same time? That was the moment. The aisle on a plane is very narrow and with that amount of people trying to get out, it is very hard to stay socially distanced.

This time we didn’t pay extra to choose our seats. We just checked in and got randomly placed. I would do that differently the next time around. I am going to make sure I choose my seats even if it’s an extra fee. I would either chose to be at the very front of the plane or the very end.

If you are at the front, well it’s easier to just get up and go while avoiding the crowd. If you are in the very back (the literal back) then I would just wait patiently for everybody to exit the plane and then I would go.

The idea is to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the bunch. Do everything that you can to social distance.


Yeap! Don’t forget to have fun!

We laughed so much on this trip that I almost peed my pants. My girls are gold and I love them to pieces. So this is what I would tell you: when you travel, be careful but have fun!

There was a moment when we went on a hike at Patapsco River in Maryland that I literally just had to sit down alone and watch the current for a little while. No cell phone, no friends… just me appreciating God’s creation. It’s overwhelming to know that the God that created such magnificent sceneries is the same God that loves my soul. Me. Diana. My heart overflows with gratitude.

I’m PUMPED to tell you that I caught as much as I could from this trip on camera and I am turning it into my very next vlog! So stay tuned and remember to create a life you love… a life by YOU!