The Laundry Effect

Updated: Jan 19

Have you ever seen that meme that says:


  • Washing: 60 minutes

  • Drying: 60 minutes

  • Putting Away: 5-7 Business Days

The first time I read that… I felt seen. I literally laughed out loud. See, I didn’t know at first. It took me some time to realize. There can be many things around me out of place but there is one thing that if it alone is wrong… it throws me off completely. Yes, I’m talking about laundry.

One day, I woke up with an entire pile of clean laundry invading my bed. I had previously set-off doing laundry for about two weeks and so it was overflowing from both mine and the kids dirty baskets.

When I actually decided it was time to tackle the task at hand, it was too overwhelming. It looked like so much work.  After washing and drying, I proceeded to throw it on top of my bed and fold it “in a little bit”. 

Yea right! Who was I fooling? I was secretly wishing it would fold and hang itself. Maybe there’s such a thing as a laundry fairy? That night I slept on about a third of my bed space because the laundry took over.

Of course, in the morning… the first thing I saw was piled up, wrinkly clothes half on the bed and half on the floor from me moving around. Total morning fail.

Here’s the thing, I have a strong desire to be successful.  Even though I don’t have it all, even though I’ve recently started over in life, I still want to wake up each morning and be set up for success. 

I realized that, my shoes may be out of the rack, my floor may need to get swept, my desk may be overflowing with papers or my kids may have left their toys in my room instead of theirs and I am okay. But if I wake up to undone laundry… I’m already off track.

Have you identified what sets you up for success? I’ve heard of people that have to do their bed in the morning no matter what. Some can’t go to bed with a dirty kitchen. I have a friend that has to hang up the next day’s outfit every evening. It’s different for everyone but I encourage you to identify what yours is since it could, without a doubt, be your game-changer; the habit that sets you up to reach your dreams.

I remember years ago, after my friend shared her wonderful habit of picking out her clothes, I tried for a couple of days to pick out my outfit the night before. It only brought me frustration. See at night, I’m done. My nights are to relax, enjoy Netflix and rest my mind from the creative process.

So I found myself trying to pick out an outfit while being totally drained and then in the morning I was in a completely different mood.  “Why did I pick out jeans?” I’d think, “It’s totally a day for a dress!”  All the effort from the night before was just wasted when I could have been snuggled up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a full episode of Stranger Things. 

I encourage you to find your atmosphere setter.  Find the one thing that if nothing else gets done that day, you did that and therefore, it was a successful day! After you know what it is, be intentional.  When I realized my laundry could potentially ruin my life, I decided I was going to do something about it!  If laundry is your thing, here’s how I overcame and made a new habit:

Everything has its place

That might seem like a no brainer but I use to have a bunch of things that didn’t have a place. For example, I like for my bras to be the kind where you can change the straps… because I’m a little gifted in the top area, I can never go strapless and so I still use those middle school clear straps when I wear a spaghetti top. Ha! Don’t judge me. I never use to have a place for those darn straps… until I did. Now I know exactly where they go and exactly where to find them. Find a designated space for everything.

Pick a day

My laundry day is Friday. Once Friday strolls around I know there is enough clothes to make 3 loads: whites and lights, colorful and darks and towels and socks. Sometimes, depending on that week’s events, I may have to run a load of delicates.

The goal is that, you have to get it done that day. I give myself grace at times and let it flow into Saturday but I don’t recommend it. If I ever pile my clothes on top of my bed, I swear it’s a recipe for disaster. If it’s out of the dryer, it’s going to its place… or else!

Make it fun

Chances are the evening has rolled up and I’m not done.  So I separate what gets folded, what gets hung and what needs to get ironed.  Yes, I iron.  I know, there’s an anti-wrinkle spray, I know you can just extend it as soon as the dryer finishes but listen… I iron.  Not all of it, but if it has wrinkles, I iron. Ironing though, is not the most exciting part.   So I usually prop my iron board near my desk, I open my laptop and I watch my next episode while I kill the last pile of clothes.

Now don’t assume that just because I have this plan that works, that I am always on top of it. Sometimes life gets the best of me. Ever since we have been out of quarantine and I actually have an outside life, I’ve noticed that my laundry game has lost a little bit of its swag.

Do I throw the whole idea out the window because I had a week off track? No! This past week I’ve been in a pickle and I’ve procrastinated so yesterday (Sunday) I decided it was time to take action. I confess, I’m doing the last bit of ironing after breakfast today but I’m very proud of myself that I didn’t quit.

This morning I gladly woke up, stretched and got to writing on my mess-free bed.

If you are serious about living the best life you can live… you’ve got to put in the effort. This entire blog revolves around the idea that we can create a life we love. Creating takes intentionality. You CAN be the best version of you. In order to do so, you’ve got to get to work!

Can’t wait to read about what your atmosphere setter is in the comments!

Hey! You can create a life you love… a life by YOU.