Overcoming an Off Day

Updated: Jan 18

Here’s the thing… everything takes effort!  I wish that I could wake up each morning and my breakfast is waiting for me at the table, my daily blog wrote itself, the laundry is made, the kitchen is clean… shall I go on?

Maybe that’s reality for some but for the majority of us, it takes effort. Intentionality.

The last couple of days have been a little difficult. My dog bit my son.

Yes, you read that right… one of every mom’s worst fears came true in my house.  It was Wednesday and I was getting everything set to sit down and watch our virtual school chapel.  I was very excited because not only was I sharing a message in chapel but my daughter was the winner of a “Panther Award” for Optimism. 

I had her pin ready for her to open in an envelope that had come in the mail a couple of days before.  I was going to wait for the moment her picture came up to give her the envelope as I caught it on camera and it was going to be perfect! Sadly, that didn’t happen just as I imagined it.

It took a second.  As I pressed play on the laptop I heard Milan scream and hold his little mouth.  Brownie bit him on the lip.  Milan had probably been in his face but… the dog should not have reacted the way he did.  

The rest of the day was so emotional.  In one hand, Mikayla not wanting for me to take the dog back to the pet store but in the other, me feeling like I have to protect them even if it makes her cry. 

I’m sure you have your opinion in the matter… I know because everyone I’ve talked to about has one! Here’s the deal, I love the dog but I love my kids more. Yes, I could train him but I no longer trust him. I’m very sad but he’s going back. It was not his first incident and I strongly believe he needs a family with older or no children.

Anyway, to say the least my last two days have been thrown out of wack. I haven’t slept good at night which affects my mornings… and you guys know how much I love and treasure my mornings! So here’s what I’m determined to do:

Do it even if I don’t want to!

The first feeling I had this morning was inadequacy to sit down and blog… but I’m doing it anyway.  After this I’m going to have my quiet time and meditation. 

Today is hamstring and glute day but yes, I will be throwing in some soothing yoga.  The point is, I’m not quitting in all my goals just because one thing went terribly wrong and I feel unmotivated.  I took the day off yesterday but today, it’s all getting done.

Cry if I feel it coming.

I am going to feel every single emotion that emerges.  Sadness at having to take him back, anger that he even bit him in the first place, loneliness because he sleeps in my room with me… I’m going to embrace and feel it all. 

Clean 🙂

Ha! Guys, it’s therapeutic.  Try it! On a day that feels too long to get through, pick a spot.  It can be a drawer, it can be your bathroom, your shoe rack, your closet… anything!

You don’t have to do the whole house.  Just pick one thing that you know you can clean out in one hour and slay it.  When you are done you will feel so accomplished that you got that ONE thing done and this sense of hope comes over you that if you can do that… you can do anything. 

So this is my life. I can’t control everything in it. I can’t control if my dog bit my kid… but I can still make anything of it that I want. It’s an off-day (or an off-couple-of-days) but that’s not going to take my focus away from my goals or my gratefulness to be alive. I can decide to let it break me or to let it build me.

Maybe you’re having an off-day today, chances are you will have an off-day in the future – either way when it happens, know that you are allowed to feel all the emotions and then you’re allowed to overcome!

Remember to create a life you love… a life by YOU!