Making 2022 The Best Year Yet!

Updated: Jan 18

What a year!

Do you do this? Do you audit the year that’s ending and set vision for the year ahead?. Maybe 2021 was everything you wanted it to be or maybe it fell short. But either way, we are alive and have the opportunity to re-route our lives. So I just want to start off being grateful cuz waking up to another sunrise is beautiful in itself.

This time around the sun I want to prep a little better. The first thing I want to do, which I have never really done before is due a good audit of what I got done in 2021. I can do this because I feel like last year I set some clear and measurable goals and with that I can accurately determine how much I actually accomplished.

(At the end of this blog I’ll give some practical pointers for your 2022 goal-setting.)

The second thing that I’ve determined to do is to break the year up into four quarters and set goals for one quarter at a time. I’ll give some examples here as well so you can see if that’ll help you as well.

So let’s get into the nitti-gritty. On December 16th 2020 I wrote a blog titled Do-Give-Create. In it, I set my vision for 2021. I’m going to go through each one of these goals and tell you how I did… but first, let me share with you a small part of that blog that gave me real perspective about the year ahead.


Just the other day I was on my way to pick up my kids to go to our yearly friendship Christmas party when I drove past a little private airport near my house.  All along the west side of the airport there is a canal.  This canal is wide.  Even though I can’t imagine how clean or filthy it may be, I frequently see people hanging out by its borders casting their rods.

On this day though, there were no recreational fishermen.  Instead there were about 15 cop cars.  As expected in South Florida traffic, we all wanted to know what was going on.  As I slowly passed through the area going no more than 10 mph because of the abundance of eavesdroppers, I noticed that there were two policemen on either side of the canal holding what seemed like a net. 

Clearly, they were looking for something.  I quickly scanned the area for crashed cars or broken rails but there was nothing.  My time was up, I picked up speed and drove away.

I would say that it took me about 45 minutes to drive to the store, pick up the kids from their dads, and pick up gifts from my house before I took that same road north towards my friend’s house.  This time, I witnessed the worst.

Again, traffic was slow right around the area where the most cop cars were parked.  Now all the attention was toward one specific spot.  From this spot in the canal, two men completely suited for scuba diving slowly made their way out of the water.  As they came out a couple of police officers gave them a hand pulling something out of the depth.

At first I was unsure what it was but it only took seconds.  This yellow sealed bag began to emerge.  As they pulled it out it was evident: it was a body bag.  There was a person in that bag.

I don’t know the news behind it.  I don’t know how it happened.  But for whoever it was, that was the end.  Whoever it was isn’t going to celebrate Christmas or New Years.  Whoever it was… isn’t going to get a shot at 2021.


After having witnessed that, I became very aware that each day is we are alive is an opportunity to not only take embrace life but also to be a blessing to others. From that thought, “Do-Give-Create” was born and here’s how 2021 went:

The first one was DO. The goal was to do something wished for since I was a little girl and never had the chance to pursue. So at the beginning of this year I enrolled for ice-skating classes. Yeap, figure skating has been a dream of mine for all my life. Taking classes was so much fun! I actually did it with my daughter. We both got beautiful sets of white ice skates and we attended a full 8 weeks of classes.

I wouldn’t call myself a figure skater just yet… but I did learn a lot. I learned to swivel with the right, swivel with the left, swivel with both. Haha! I learned to skate backwards and to change direction from looking forward to looking backwards while in movement. I even learned to twirl! It was honestly, SO MUCH FUN!

I felt like a little girl and that is exactly how I wanted to feel. Those classes were for the 10 year old me. For some it may have seemed silly to want to learn to figure skate as an adult but for me… it was inner healing. It was satisfying the desires of a little girls heart. I loved it and I believe it championed me to believe that I really can do anything that I set myself up to do.

The second was to GIVE. I wanted to give a way an amount that would transform someone’s life. I didn’t want it to be small. I wanted it to be significant. When I wrote this, I was earning a teacher’s salary. Let’s be real, it’s not a lot. So, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make that happen.

During the year God did a miracle in my life and I switched careers. It has been such a blessing as I traveled back into the world of finance. Nevertheless, I found myself almost at the last quarter of the year and I hadn’t really done the “giving” I wanted to do.

Then my church did a conference exclusively for the servant leaders and during it, I found my opportunity. Vous decided to partner with Compassion International to provide for an entire village struck by poverty in Dominican Republic. As I sat there in the crowd, proud once more of the church I get to be a part of, I knew I had to join that movement.

I didn’t even let myself “wait until I got home” because I knew I’d loose my own momentum. Haha! I chose a little girl whos name is Yamilet. It was her birthday the very next day on October 17! I told my kids about it and they were excited that we were doing this for her.

Maybe the monthly giving to support Yamilet isn’t a huge dent in my finances as I expected my “giving” to be but it is significant for her. My heart is happy that I can do that for someone else.

The last thing I set vision for in 2021 was to CREATE. It gives me so much satisfaction to finally accept myself as a creative. I wanted to create so many things but I do have to say that I fell short. It’s nobody’s fault but my own.

My main goal was to write a book. I began with such momentum! I started a course and I worked my way through each of the initial steps and then… halt! Want to know what happened?

I got distracted… a.k.a. I got boy crazy. Hahahaha! I’m not even gonna lie to ya’ll. Boys got me sidetracked and that’s a blog for another day, okkay?? lol

Many times we think that we can do it all! This is the thing though. Your time is valuable and you can’t be in two places at once. Where you want growth, there must be sacrifice. It’s true in fitness, it’s true in health, it’s true in a profession, it’s true in a relationship… aaaand it’s true in writing a book.

Again, nobody’s fault but my own. From this I learned that in a future relationship, the other person must be someone that understand the balance of timing. There is a time for everything under the sun and I definitely leaned too much in one direction which eventually lead to frustration because what I needed to focus on, was not being met.

Anyway, this book is now my baby though so I’ll say to it today: 2021 was not your year but it’s not over til you’re printed!


There it is. You win some, you loose some. This year wasn’t everything I wanted it to be but I’m a thousand percent sure that I grew through it. I LOVE where I am right now. I know I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be.

I believe that while I wrote this blog, I got a tug at my heart as to what my goals for 2022 should revolve around and that is: Relationship Building.

The year that’s closing was about me. There was so much I needed to learn about me. The year ahead is about others. Ya’ll life is about people! Everything else fades away but people are the only ones you’ll get to see, even in eternity with our Heavenly Father.

But I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. It is SO DIFFICULT for me to be social. Hahaha… I wish I could explain it. I guess I’ll try my best.

I have my circle of friends that I’ve done life with for more than a decade and half. They have seen me through my highest and my lowest and have chosen to love on me through it all. They cheer me on in my crazy endeavors and they check me when they know I’ve lost focus.

Nevertheless, it’s hard for me to let new people in. I have been a part of my church for almost 3 years now and even though I have met people, my personality is to go, do what needs to be done and then go home. Hahaha. I always feel like people that met me have forgotten who I am and therefore, I never say hi again. LOL If you’re laughing, just know you’re laughing with me.

It’s a terrible habit because I know people can be a blessing in my life just as much as I can be in theirs. So I told one of my besties, Johanna, how I had been feeling. Let me tell you about Johanna… She’s the total opposite of me.

Johanna once got me into a club by persuading the guy at the door that he needed to let me in because I was 33 years old and I had never been clubbing before. Hahaha! (Ya’ll she was telling the truth, story for another blog.)

Anyhow, Johanna then made it her mission to introduce me to as many people at our church in one given night. I told her that when I got home that night I was emotionally exhausted. LOL And had vowed to never go to 7pm service at SoMi ever again. (kidding, not kidding)

So last week, some of the people she introduced me to planned to go watch Spider-Man at the Cinemark 24. When she told me about it, I immediately said yes before I could change my own mind.

I’m going to tell you about these people because honestly, they’ve been such a refreshment to my soul. They have been so welcoming that it has torn down the walls of insecurity that I constantly hide behind.

The truth is that they probably haven’t even done anything out of the ordinary for them. I mean, two of them dressed up in full spiderman cosplay to the point that the people at the theater were making line to take pics with them. I can only laugh as I get to know their personalities.

I just want to say if any of you are reading or listening to this… thank you! Thank you for being you and for reminding me that I don’t have to be afraid. You have inspired me in a way that my entire 2022 be around championing those around me, from my kids to my newest follower.


This has probably been one of my longer blog posts but you can’t tell me it it wasn’t juicy. Here are my quick 3 tips to prepping for your goals next year.

1. Make your goals measurable. Instead of saying “I want to read more” say “I want to read one book in the first three months of the year.

2. Make goals like you will achieve them. Don’t say “hopefully I’ll loose 10 pounds” say “I will loose 10 pounds by February 28th. You gotta believe it baby!

3. If you don’t succeed, try and try again. Give yourself some grace. I don’t feel like a total failure because I didn’t print my book this year. I celebrate that I launched my podcast and therefore, I grew. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Ya’ll thank you for reading and remember in all that you do, create a life you love and believe that the best is yet to come!