Embracing Self Love

Updated: Jan 18

I’m going back to work ya’ll!

After almost exactly 5 months, I am headed back into the classroom and I’m actually excited about it.  Life has radically changed in these five months.  Among many new things, there are kiosks at the mall entirely dedicated to selling face masks.  When would we have ever imagined that would be a thing?

Face masks, social distancing, quarantine… the reality of our new lifestyle leads me to believe that it is even more important in today’s world that we take some time to take care of ourselves.

Think about this: look down at your hand holding your phone, look at yourself in a mirror, wiggle your toes underneath the table; do you realize that without your body you would not exist?  That seems like an obvious thought but many times we are so caught up with everything happening around us that we forget we need just as much attention in order to stay healthy and thrive.

Self Love on a Budget

The other day I was hanging out at a friend’s house and we were laughing at each other about our manicure styles.  She is very bold and uses colors that stand out like neon yellow or bright pink.  I tend to be classic and stick around the area of the pastels and the soft glitter.  She likes to try the trendy shapes like the long oval or stiletto.  You will never catch me with any other shape than squared!

We started talking about getting our nails done while being on a budget.  I’m a saver and an investor and therefore numerous times I check myself and think, should I really be spending money on my nails?  What else could I be doing with these $30/$35? I’ll tell you what, I could probably be adding them to my mutual fund and have my money make some more money but you know what I’d be giving up?  Self love… which I consider just as important today as retirement will be tomorrow.

After venting our frustration of having bought one of those machines to do your gel nails at home and failing at it miserably, we agreed on one thing: we both compromise.  Even though I would love to, I don’t pay for a pedicure.  It’s got to be a real special occasion for me to do so.  Usually, I take out my own bucket of hot water, nail file, buffer, polish etc. and do my pedicure myself. 

Honestly, I decide not to spend $50/$60 on mani/pedi because it’s a luxury.  But you better believe that every 3 weeks, I will be visiting Patty (my manicurist) and paying half that for my gel manicure… because it’s self love.

Therefore, my message to my ladies is: go get your nails done! Don’t apologize for doing what you have to do to feel beautiful and confident about how you look.

And to all the hubbys in the house: take out your budget spreadsheet, add a row and title it “manicure”, click enter and add $30. If you have to cut back somewhere else: cut the f* back. Your queen deserves it.

Finding the Time

Y'all I have so much to do! Can you relate? Especially now that school is about to start and I’ve got to add “lesson plans” to my to-do list. The struggle is, in fact, real. But where there is a will, there is a way.

A couple of weeks ago I was catching up with an old friend who had been congratulating me on the work I’ve done so far with my blog. He was telling me about his project called Take Off Tuesday and how it came to be. I’ll let him tell the story soon on a future live but the gist of how it started was that he was hanging out with a friend on a Monday and they decided that they were going to buy a ticket to New York for the next day.

They spent Tuesday in New York and literally toured all of New York City. Then, they were back in Florida for work on Wednesday morning. Ain’t that crazy?! Lol Maybe just for me, the non-adventurous one.

Since then, he’s been dedicated to living with his wife all types of on-the-spot experiences and doing they never have before.

I was so inspired because I literally have not ever been like that. I’m one to have spent years on a routine of going out to dinner and a movie. Which, don’t get me wrong, is totally fine and I find extra romantic but come on? Live a little Diana!

So this weekend, the peeps from “Take of Tuesday” took me out kayaking and paddle boarding!  I had a blast! I found that I actually enjoyed the paddle board more even though it did require extra work.  I was actually very proud of myself of having had the endurance to paddle board the inter-coastal against the wind and the current.  I suppose it’s all those work out sessions paying off. 

Anyway, how did I event make the time? Well, I didn’t get the laundry done this weekend. Ha! You know why? Because I sacrificed a little on the “responsibilities” that I have to do in order to give myself some self love. 

I know I’m behind on chores and I need to get on board on Monday and kill the laundry task because I’ve got a busy week ahead but I would not have changed my weekend for literally anything!

We can find the time to love ourselves!  We just have to practice prioritizing our mind, body and soul.  We are just as important as our partner and our kids.  Have some time to yourself to do something that you love to do or would love to try.  This is going to help you release stress; get rid of bad thoughts or an unhealthy state of mind.  You are important!  

I’m sending an extra dose of love your way! And remember that all these little things we do, we do them to create a life we love… a life by YOU!