Do – Give – Create

Updated: Jan 18

It has taken so much effort to sit down for this blog. I’ll let you in on a secret… I’m. So. Sleepy!

See, this is where dreams come true; in the midnight hour, on a grumbling tummy and ready for my pillow. I can see my kids laying in bed while this white empty document mocks me as I begin to put words together in my brain.

It might be because 2020 is the oddest year ever transcribed, but this December feels far from Christmas-y. I mean, I’ve intentionally bought red clothing and long sleeve turtlenecks in order to feel a little more in season.

But I do think it might be something else as well… It might be that my heart is already in 2021. So as I finish my holiday shopping and cross off the last handful of names on my list, I am actually yearning for the materialization of that one belief that’s deep inside me: the best is yet to come… and I’m ready to work.

In The Canal

Just the other day I was on my way to pick up my kids to go to our yearly friendship Christmas party when I drove past a little private airport near my house. All along the west side of the airport there is a canal. This canal is wide. Even though I can’t imagine how clean or filthy it may be, I frequently see people hanging out by its borders casting their rods.

On this day though, there were no recreational fishermen. Instead there were about 15 cop cars. As expected in South Florida traffic, we all wanted to know what was going on. As I slowly passed through the area going no more than 10 mph because of the abundance of eavesdroppers, I noticed that there were two policemen on either side of the canal holding what seemed like a net.

Clearly, they were looking for something. I quickly scanned the area for crashed cars or broken rails but there was nothing. My time was up, I picked up speed and drove away.

I would say that it took me about 45 minutes to drive to the store, pick up the kids from their dads, and pick up gifts from my house before I took that same road north towards my friend’s house. This time, I witnessed the worst.

Again, traffic was slow right around the area where the most cop cars were parked. This time all the attention was toward one specific spot. From this spot in the canal, two men completely suited for scuba diving slowly made their way out of the water. As they came out a couple of police officers gave them a hand pulling something out of the depth.

At first I was unsure what it was but it only took seconds. This yellow sealed bag began to emerge. As they pulled it out it was evident: it was a body bag. There was a person in that bag.

I don’t know the news behind it. I don’t know how it happened. But for whoever it was, that was the end. Whoever it was isn’t going to celebrate Christmas this year or New Years. Whoever it was… isn’t going to get a shot at 2021.

The Gift You’ve Been Given

Time is a gift. Tomorrow is not promised. As I get older I realize that it is our own individual responsibility to make something of the time we have. But here is the thing, time is so easily wasted.

How often do we watch a 10 season, 100 episode series only to realize, we could have done something amazing in that same amount of time?

Ya’ll, don’t let me fool you, I’m a series-junkie! It is because I am that I can say with authority… we are wasting our time!!!

I may have just decided right now that my 2021 motto is going to be: “Don’t waste your time.” So in the spirit productivity, I am going to share with you the 3 things that I am determined to do in the new year. Hopefully this encourages and inspires your own list of resolutions.

1) DO something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child

What was it for you? If today you did for a living what little you dressed up for with your friends when you were 5, 8, 10 years old… what would it be?

I remember I would dress up like Selena and stand on top of my dining room table on the 8th floor of the apartment building we lived at in New York. At that time, anything was a microphone; a hairbrush, a soda bottle, a salt shaker… anything. My walls, the balcony and the trees at the distance were all thousands of people listening to me in an arena. At the top of my lungs I would sing “biddi biddi bom bom, biddi biddi bom bom, biddi biddi biddi… cada ves, cada ves que lo veo pasar… cada ves, vada ves.. uuu oh-u-ohhh” haha!

Now let’s be honest, while singing center stage and slamming the mid-song solo sounds like the wildest thing to do, I’m confident it’s not exactly my career path.

I don’t know when it happens but there is a random age, a moment in time, when we stop believing we can be literally ANYTHING that we want to be. It’s different for everybody but if you’re an adult working a 9-5, chances are you gave up on a childhood dream. (Unless, of course, that childhood dream was to work a 9-5.)

So even though it’s not singing, this 2021 I want to take up a hobby where I can learn to do the one thing I dreamed of doing when I was young. I’m not going public with what it is just yet but I did already call the place, get the info on the course and jotted down the start date. You might laugh at me for doing this at my age but you know what? I don’t care! I’m not doing this for anybody else but the 10 y/o Diana in me… she deserves the shot!

2) GIVE away something big!

I have made this habit if listening to motivational vids during my idle hours. Whether that be as I put my makeup on in the morning or as I drive to the store, just as often as I listen to music, I listen to personal development.

One common thought that I have heard basically all millionaire say is that they made it to the top being generous. Sometimes I’m a cynic and I think “sure, that’s a tax write-off” ha! But usually I think: How can I be generous on my journey towards achieving big goals?

This resolution is not very clear to me. I wish I could say I have a quarter million to give away but I don’t. Nevertheless, I do know that I have a lot of something that someone else has none of. So my prayer for this new year is that God puts in my heart something BIG that I can give to somebody that needs it. I’m not talking about dinner… I’m talking about something that will touch this person’s heart and supply their need.

Anyway, when I do know what it is… I’ll let you know!

3) CREATE something that will leave a mark in history

Aww… my baby. Oh! Not literally. I don’t want a baby! But this… number three… is my baby. When I hold this baby in my hands, I’m convinced I will cry as if with real birthing pains.

Last week I made a post to my IG stories sharing that I would be blogging about “vision, passion and action”. Here it is… I want to be a published author.

Vision: I see it. I see myself holding this book and sharing my story.

Passion: There’s no other way to get it done. I want to pour out my heart and soul.

Action: I’ve already started.

I’m not waiting until 1/1/21 to pursue this. I’ve already started the course, honey! I want to make sure that when I’m long gone from this Earth, what I lived can be a lighthouse to those that are coming after me. Starting with my children and their children and so on.

Yea, I know there are haters out there that will doubt it or talk against it but I’ve decided to tell you, my reader, because I want you to join me on this journey. Now that you know, I have this extra pressure that I must deliver… that’s called accountability.

So the journey continues… the journey of creating a life I love.

Here’s what I want YOU to do. If you have nobody else to tell your goals to for accountability, I want you to write them down and send them to ME. Email me, DM me… I want to be your cheerleader and I want to celebrate with you at each milestone you reach.

Don’t forget to create a life you love… I life by YOU!