It was June 2019 and I was at a conference at the University of Miami’s Watsco arena.  Thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and walks in life were together for one purpose: to receive encouragement, inspiration and vision.


Have you ever been at an event and while you are there you feel completely empowered to go out and make a difference in the world?  If so, you probably have also experienced going home and realizing that everything you had in your mind and your heart while you were there is simply a hundred times harder in real life.  Am I right?


(But let me continue my story before I run to the part where I had to face the struggle.)


As I sat in the arena, heart open, mind running wild with crazy ideas, arms stretched out to God in complete devotion… I knew I had a message inside of me; a message of love, a message of grace, a message that only I could tell in my specific way. 


See, when I was 15 years old I met a man that has changed my life forever: Jesus.  Now don’t give up on this blog and exit out… give me a shot at least until the end of this post to explain why He is so important to me.


If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you know that I have a life-long struggle with insecurities, comparison and discontentment.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m enough or that I’m worthy of so many things.  Even though I have my kids, both my parents, my brother and friends that have walked by my side for more than a decade, nobody knows me like Jesus. 


Jesus is the lover of my soul.  He sees past my mistakes, my errors, my lack of good judgment and He embraces me in love and grace.  I am, without a doubt, the last person with enough “qualifications” to even start a blog.  What am I thinking?  Am I crazy? Have I mentioned a failed marriage?

But Jesus, He is a friend of sinners.  You and I, with all our bundle of mistakes, are sinners and because of that we actually don’t “deserve” heaven.  We could never behave our way in.  We could never be good enough.  So God, full of love for us, sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that those of us that chose to believe in Him can enjoy eternity in heaven.  It’s crazy!


When I left the Watsco arena in 2019, I knew I had a message.  My imperfect life story is God’s way of telling YOU that it doesn’t matter how messed up you think you are… God’s still got you! He specializes in turning around for good what was meant for evil. 


I know that you want to live your best life yet.  If not, you wouldn’t be reading my blog… that’s the point of all my content! But I want to tell you a secret… you can implement all my tips and hacks and still not enjoy life.  See, life is not about things, events, habits or accomplishments but about people and love.  You will never know how truly valued and loved you are until you learn about the unconditional love that God has for you. 


Now, you may also say, Diana, I know Jesus! I believe in Jesus! I love Jesus!


In that case: Yeyy you!


You have a message inside of you and the world needs you to get it out.  I want you to know that I am praying for you and asking God to give you clarity, vision and initiative to take your message and run with it!


One day, after having loved all the life I could on this Earth and my last day arrives, I will be joyful.  I will meet my Savior.  I will meet the one that has walked with me through the craziest times in life, the one who has laughed at my silliest choices, and has celebrated my greatest accomplishments without ever showing his face… and I will rejoice. 


I want you to experience that as well!


God has a beautiful life prepared DAILY for you.  He has already put in your heart everything you need to create a life you love… I life by YOU!

Want a little more on this topic? Here’s one of my favorite messages from that 2019 event. Vous Conference is a yearly experience hosted by Vous Church located in Miami. Vous Church is the church I attend and serve at. If you would like to come visit us, please write to me. I would love to sit with you!