About Me


Thank you for visiting! I hope that you can find hope, encouragement and community here… and that we laugh and cry together a couple of times too!

I was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to the states when I was a baby; New York, to be exact. I lived in Queens until I was about 8 years old when my family moved down to South Florida. South Florida is home.

My little family consists of two beautiful kids, Mikayla and Milan, and me. I am a full-time teacher at a private Christian elementary school which I absolutely love. (You’ll probably hear about it at some point in my blogs.) I’m a professional weight trainer in accordance to YouTube University. Ha! I’m kidding, I like to work out and eat healthy and there’s just a lot of great content out there so that’s how I’ve learned!

Here’s the thing though… I have not always loved and enjoyed my life.


It really is nobody’s fault but my own. My heart has sometimes struggled with comparison and discontentment; jealousy even. All of those have been killers of joy. So when I finally entered a season where I positioned myself to love myself… it changed my life forever. I have learned that it is my responsibility to love my own life. I am intentional about gratitude and contentment in order to make life fun! So, when I say “Life by Diana” it’s not to sound arrogant. My life isn’t better than yours. My life isn’t perfect either… but I am intentional about enjoying it!


My desire is that, if you are going through a season where you are not enjoying life, that my blog can be a glimpse of light at the end of a tunnel. But even if you are in a great place in life, it’s so much easier to do life in community. When an off-day does comes your way, I hope one of my posts can encourage you.


Listen, why not create a life you love with each choice you make… a life by YOU!